1. How does your service work?

All you need to do is send us your charges/payments, either by secure email, fax or using an integrated EHR. You can also upload these to our Communications Portal, which is our main collaboration platform, completely web based. Your daily charges are processed within 1 day of receipt and your payments within 2 days of receipt.

2. What services do you perform?
We perform a Full Billing Service Solution, from entering the data to a full reporting service, plus data analysis to provide feedback on how to improve your business.

You can go into the Services tab on our webpage, scroll down and see our Revenue Cycle Management

3. Can data from my existing software be transferred and used?

This depends on how your existing software handles data exports. We do the research for you to find out if your current software can export or integrate the data to any other PM. If not, we can enter the information manually in our database.

4. How much does your service cost?

Our fees vary depending on your specialty and practice size and whether or not you scan your documents. No matter which solution you choose, you will almost surely experience significant savings, and our efficient processing model will quite likely result in an increase in your overall collections.

The Savings Calculator estimates your savings based on a 3-6% of your monthly receipts.

5. What documents do I need to send you?

For billing:

    • For Office Patients: the patient demographics and Insurance information. This is required only for new patients and patients who have had a change in their demographic or insurance information plus the Superbill.
  • For Hospital patients: the hospital patient registration form (Facesheet) plus the procedures and diagnosis written down.

For posting payments:

  • You would send us your Explanation of Benefits (EOB); Co-payments will be posted from the information contained on the Encounter sheets.
6. Are there any lengthy contractual requirements?

No. While you do need to sign a contract acknowledging that you understand the terms and conditions, there are no long term commitment requirements. You can cancel our service with 30 days’ notice. We will also return all your data to you in a tabular, electronic format to facilitate your migration to another software or service, upon payment of any outstanding balances.

7. Are there any setup up fees?

No, there are no setup fees!

8. Are there any minimum fees?

No, there are not any minimum fees!.

9. Do I have to buy any equipment?

No, you don’t have to buy any equipment. You would require to have a computer and a scanner at your office that most likely you already have.

10. What support and training do you offer?

You don’t have to worry about training expenses, we manage training and continue education for all your billing team.
If your office staff requires training for any new platform we can definitively schedule a remote meeting or a visit to get everyone prepared.

11. What specialties do you support?

Easy, we support all specialties.

12. How long does it take to get started?

Upon receiving a complete assessment form we will review within 1 business day and provide an official service proposal. Once approved, we will stablish contract details with you. Upon signature, your new Account Executive will provide an implementation agenda and walk you through the Starting Process.

The starting process will depend on whether you want us to convert your existing data, use your current platform or implement a new one.

There are some platforms that we use that allow you to bill all commercial insurance companies within 48 hours since your account has been activated. A few payers, like Medicare, may require some sing up forms that we provide to get you enroll.

13. How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2006

14. Do I have control of my data?

Yes! You have TOTAL control of your data. If you decide to change your Practice Management Software to one of our suggested, you will be provided an Administrative account to do all required changes. You will also have administrative rights to all users on the Communications Portal.

15. What happens if my staff goes on vacation or quits?

Nothing happens! Business goes on, as long as you can send us the data, your work will get process. You will always have a secondary billing specialist assigned to your account.

16. What work do I/my staff have to do?

All you have to do is send us your data, either by scanning or upload (preferred option). On your Communication Portal you will be able to monitor the status for all files and see if we are requiring any additional information from you.

17. How do claims get submitted?

We electronically submit all clean claims daily. We physically mail claims on a daily basis to insurance companies that do not yet accept electronic submissions. We monitor all electronic submission reports for denials and eligibility issues, and take necessary corrective action.

18. Do I need to set up an account with a clearinghouse? Are there additional fees?

Not at all! We can help you enroll your practice with the appropriate clearinghouse for the platform if necessary.

19. Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes, we follow all HIPAA regulations. Our Communications Portal requires secure login and has regulatory user logs.

20. I already do my billing In-House, why should I switch to your service?
  1. Your cost will go down without the quality of your service being affected.
  2. Have your data entry done and claims submitted on a daily basis, as opposed to on a “when time permits” basis
  3. Have your payments posted to your patient accounts as soon as payments are received.
  4. Submit your secondary claims, and balance bill your patients immediately.
  5. Reduce the number of employees involved in doing your billing
  6. Reduce the number of hours in a day your employees spend on Billing tasks.
  7. Enable your staff to concentrate on the problems instead of being swamped by the data entry tasks.
  8. Have access to a staff of professional Medical Billing personnel, at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally

And most important of all YOU WILL FOCUS ON YOUR PATIENTS!

21. I already outsource my billing, why should I switch to your service?
  1. Here is the why:
    1. We provide transparency in your reports; detail executive analysis is provided on a weekly basis.
    2. We have a business intelligence person dedicated entirely to your account.
    3. Full quality data provided while auditing your information.
    4. Clean claims are submitted the first time around.
    5. We provide your OWN communication portal.
22. What is your support availability?

Integra adapts to your schedule during weekdays.


Plans between 3-6% of your monthly collections